Welcome to Body Love Pilates.

Body Love Pilates was created for one reason, self-care.  We punish our bodies - If we are not sitting too much, we are pushing it to 100% effort trying to get 'fit' and 'in shape', right?  As a result we can become restricted. We get tight, tense muscles and don't move as well. We feel inflexible, we feel pain and start to become injured. Do you want to change this? Then you need to create a strong, unbreakable foundation. Body Love Pilates is just that, taking care of the foundations. Fall in love with taking care of your body and build a Pilates practice for self-care. 


Build your Pilates practice for self-care and body nourishment.

Intuitive Eating

Ditch the diet and learn to listen to your body. 


Body Restore

Body Restore coming soon.


Work one to one or in a small group PT session.  


Handy tips on Body Love Pilates. Plus a look into my own personal practice and journey.