About Me

Hello, I'm Rebbie, a Contemporary Pilates and fitness coach from a lovely little town called Richmond in North Yorkshire. My fitness story is a long one, so I will shorten it down and give you a bite size biography to Rebbie Matthews Bennett.


I started my fitness journey at the tender age of 15, to help me combat my body demons and to make me stronger as a person. Pre-teens I was on the chubby side, but as I approached my teenage years I started to struggle with eating disorders and body image. Fitness was my remedy! or more importantly, wrestling!

I had a huge passion for Pro-Wrestling and MMA. I wanted to be the next big WWE star, so trained in Pro Wrestling in Sheffield, Kent and Newcastle, and also trained in Submission Wrestling at Darlington Boxing and Martial Arts Academy and Darlington Freestyle Jiu Jitsu. This changed my life!  It gave me an amazing fighting spirit, a huge amount of confidence and a strong body - 'Being physically strong will give you an abundance of confidence, it is so empowering'...This is the best feeling anyone can have in a lifetime. One of my proudest moment at this time, was winning Sport Student of the Year at collage for my dedication and hard work.


I haven't become a big WWE star. But it did lead me to pursue a career in the fitness industry. I have now worked as a fitness professional for 14 year and I'm still going strong....

I took a more academic route to gain my fitness qualifications, graduating from college and university with sport, fitness and nutrition qualifications. Not one for sitting still, i also worked as a fitness instructor for Curves and as a Personal Trainer to my friends and family. The passion and hard work paid off again, as I graduated with First Class Honours and a job at a lovely little gym called Liberty Health Club.


Liberty Health Club is where I have grown into the instructor i am today. I have worked at the club now for 9 years and over this time i have trained as a Contemporary Pilates instructor and developed my own training and teaching style. The wrestling days have long gone!


I love Contemporary Pilates, it has allowed me to expand my knowledge of movement and develop something truly unqiue to me. I have loved every single moment, working with a wide range of people from prenatal and postnatal ladies, people with mobility problems and soldiers training for pre-parachute selection. It has allowed me to expand from Liberty Health Club over the last couple of years, although I have not cut the apron strings yet, Liberty is still my home.


My life, although mostly successful and positive, has been a bumpy road. Nevertheless, the one thing that has remained consistent is my passion for what i do and the use of fitness as a tool to build strength mind, body and soul. I have continued to expand my knowledge on the human body, strength, movement, health and wellbeing, which will lead to new adventures in the next coming years. Watch this space!

I am looking forward to the next chapter of my fitness adventure and developing my services. The next stop will be workshops and great new classes, so keep up to date and please contact me at any time.



BA (Hons) Sport Management - First Class Honours 

HND Sport & Exercise 

Edexcel (Level 3) Certificate in Sport Performance & Excellence 

Active IQ (Level 3) Instructing Mat Pilates 

The Wright Foundation (Level 3) GP Exercise Referral

CYQ (Level 3) Pre-natal & Post-natal Exercise 

CYQ (Level 2) Fitness Instructor