Body Restore

Do you feel tight and inflexible? 

Do you struggle to move with ease? 

Do you struggle with aches and pains? 

Do you want to change this? 


Body Restore is a unique beginners Pilates course to help you iron out all your muscle imbalances, so you can start to feel more flexible, feel stronger within your body and can start to move better.


It is a structured step by step guide, so you can address inflexibility and restricted movement once and for all:


Step 1.  I will teach you how to analyse your own posture and muscle imbalance, so you can develop body awareness.


Step 2. I will teach you how to activate your core muscles and guide you on how to build good foundation strength.


Step 3. I will give you a lesson plan on what flexibility training and strength training your body will need to address muscle imbalance.


Step 4: I will help you to develop your own daily Pilates routine.


It is perfect for people who participate in sport and would like to prevent injury, or move more efficiently.


It is perfect for people who feel restricted in their movement. Maybe you feel inflexible in specific muscles groups which hinders your fitness training?


It is perfect for people who sit a lot and would like to get more active. Do you have a desk job? Do you drive a lot?  Jumping straight into an intense fitness programme after being inactive for long periods of time is not a good idea. This will help correct muscle imbalances and build a strong foundation first.  


This can be delivered one to one or in a small group PT session. 


I will release more information soon.