Stability Ball Pilates 

Stability Ball is a great gym classic!  However it can be so much more in a Contemporary Pilates workout. It is perfect for enhancing movement, performance and strength due to the neuromuscular challenge. It will challenge your balance, stability and control, sculpting the stabilizer muscles and your whole body. 

Suspension Pilates

Suspension Pilates is 100% focused on functional, whole body movement to condition your body. It is great for upper body strength, grip strength and power. 

It relies exclusively on your own body weight and flow of movement, making it a winning formula for an AMAZING Pilates workout.

Mat Pilates

This is a traditional Contemporary Pilates class, which follows the Contemporary Pilates principles on the body and movement. It is a low-impact class, that is perfect for people who want to focus on the basic principles on the mat. It is a great way to master the foundations, learn to move better, undo bad postural habits and create balance in your body.