Why should I do Pilates?


A strong core goes beyond having perfectly chiseled abs.The core muscles run deep and we need to know how to activate them and access this strength if we want to move well and have a healthy strong body. The core is at the heart of all movement, so it is at the heart of Pilates! 



We all have them. It is a fact of life. Muscle imbalances are a common outcome of modern living, sitting for long periods of time, lack of activity, or even over doing fitness! If we don't pay enough attention to body balance, the body can become tighter, weaker, stiff and will move less freely. Pilates will help you iron out all your muscle imbalances!



Yes, Pilates is a mind-body movement practice, so it has the power to rejuvinate your body and help you build good mental health. It is time to make room for complete wellness, which is mind, body and soul.


Which Pilates class should I do?

Mat Pilates

Mat Pilates is great way to start. It is a low-impact class, that is perfect for people who want to focus on the basic principles. It is a great way to master the foundations, learn to undo bad postural habits and to create balance in your body. It the best way to reconnect and listen to your body.

Stability Ball Pilates 

Stability Ball is a great gym classic!  However it can be so much more in a Pilates workout. It provides a great neuromuscular challenge which will help your balance, stability and control. It is perfect for enhancing movement and it will challenge your movement in a unique way.


Suspension Pilates

Suspension Pilates is 100% focused on functional, whole body movement. It relies exclusively on your own body weight and flow of movement, making it a winning formula for making movement more efficent.

But more importantly, it provides you with a great base of support, so you can try bigger movements without putting too much pressure on the body.